Tuesday 31 May 2011

"The land that is nowhere.  That is our true home."
Old Taoist saying.

 This is really just
India Bharti's CD order page.
 I haven't yet got on top of blogging software

You can contact me at indiabharti@hotmail.com

If you want to buy one of the CDs on the front page or my hour and a half DVD of the 2001 Kumbh Mela (truly an unforgettable documentary, particularly if you're an Indophile or have an interest in Yoga) please email me at: indiabharti@hotmail.com

This order system, although primitive by the standards of the internet works efficiently and so far everybody has received their CDs as ordered (and in a reasonable time frame too). I hope I can keep it that way!



India Bharti

Fear has nearly always been more powerful than the desire for freedom: humans are not born free. However the Emperor Maurice of Byzantium (582-604) discovered an exception. He was amazed by three Slavs he captured, who carried no arms. All they had with them were guitars or zithers, and they wandered around singing about the joys of liberty, of being in the open fields and the fresh breezes. They told him, "It is normal for people who are strangers to war to devote themselves with fervour to music." Their songs were about free will and they were known as the free will people.

Theodore Zeldin

An Intimate History of Humanity